Ministries at Just church

Below, you will find some of the amazing ministries in which you can serve on a weekly basis at Just Church. Take a look at each ministry and find out more about that area.

When you leave your kids with someone you have never met before, you want to make sure they are going to be OK. At Just Church, we make learning about Jesus a top priority while having fun doing so. From new born all the way to fifth grade, our Childrens ministry leaders make sure your child has an awesome experience when they leave at the end of the day and one that will make them want to come back next weekend.

Our youth ministry strives to equip teenagers with the tools they need as they grow up to young adults and how to keep their relationship with Christ. Our youth leaders challenge each and every student to discover ways they can impact the world around them whether it be at home or at their schools.

Worship is something we all do at church weekly. Our worship and tech teams always try to provide the best worship experience to everyone in our congregation. If you love to sing, play an instrument, or have a talent for audio mixing, come join our team and feel the joy of worshipping our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.