Just Youth

We exist to Love God, Love people and Turn the world upside down. Each student has a story, a struggle, a sin, but through Scripture and the love of Jesus Christ we strive to equip each student with the ability to fight in a broken world. It is our goal as youth leaders to love each student right were they are at, and help them to understand God’s grace, forgiveness and love.

Camp registration is now open for the 2017 summer season. To register for camp contact Drew Carroll to sign up. Hurry because spots are limited.

  • Junior High (6th - 8th Grade)

    Every Saturday junior high students are given the opportunity to connect with God, leaders and other students. Students are encouraged to come as they are with no worries about fitting in. It is our goal that students walk away confident in who they are and motivated to share their faith. The Jr. High service is every weekend during the 4:00 service on Saturday. Visit our Just Youth Facebook page for more information.

  • High School (9th -12th)

    Our goal as leaders is to equip teenagers with knowledge of their creator, connect them to Jesus and inspire them to pursue the Holy Spirit. Jesus chose teenagers to be his disciples; he believed they could change the world, as do we. This is a group of kingdom workers, wanting to make a difference. For meeting time and location visit our Just Youth Facebook page for more information.